• The struggles of 2017

    It’s been almost a year since I last wrote.  I think the main reason is because 2017 will go down in the books as being one of the worst offshore fishing seasons I have experienced.  I would like to think It was just not me,......

  • Up The Bay

    Up the bay January 4th 2017.  A few weeks into the third split of waterfowl season and we had been enjoying some decent hunting most mornings, not setting the world on fire but some birds were in the area.  The winter had been pretty mild......


Part of the Coastal Killers crew, this father and son team took a pair of nice bucks the same afternoon in their separate locations.  This is what passing down the tradition is about, If we do not teach the younger generation our heritage they will be lost to the age of technology that is trying to envelope us all.  Remember our roots, harvest your animal, respect it and understand where your food comes from.


A fishing trip builds bonds and friendships that last.  We love our sport and have a passion to be a steward to the sea.  At the same time, We believe it is import to understand the true ways of providing for your family.  These days the origins of our food is forgotten to chain groceries and pre packaging.  It’s Coastal Killers style, we put fish on the table.

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